Erika-level 2 Therapist

Erika is originally from Atlanta and has been practicing massage therapy for 17 years. She is a board- certified massage and neuromuscular therapist, specializing in low back pain. She is certified in foot reflexology and PIR stretching. Erika has worked in a variety of settings including chiropractic offices, spas, and private practice. She also holds a bachelor of arts degree in public relations from Emerson College in Boston. During her off-time she enjoys cooking, hiking and spending time with her sweet dog, Milla.


Kerry-level 3 therapist

Kerry has over 17 years experience practicing Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Reiki energy healing and spa treatments in rehab chiropractic settings as well as 4 star spas.

Her experience and training is diverse and on-going. In Georgia Kerry’s previous experience includes Eaton chiropractic, A Wellness center by Dr. Cohen, Invigo Day Spa and BLISS Atlanta Midtown.

Kerry’s focuses in the Wellness & Natural Health setting, where holistic healing and abundant mindset is optimal for one's personal growth.

Continued education and specialties include:

  • *Deep tissue *NMT* Myofacial release*

  • * Orthopedic massage

  • * Native Stone Medicine (hot/cold stones) *hydrotherapy and heat therapy

  • *Organic Aromatherapy

  • *Wellness relaxation

  • * Pre-natal

  • *Thorough foot massages with reflexology.

For more information about Kerry please visit Massage by Design.