Massage services

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For Couples Massage Please Call/Text 404-747-5753


At Transcend, we provide a personalized massage experience you won't find anywhere else. 

  • Heated body pillows, hot towels and aromatherapy are included in every session if desired

  • Our therapists will discuss with you what you need out of your session beforehand to ensure you get the perfect massage every time.

  • Silence, so that YOU can enjoy YOUR massage. That's right, our therapists let you "check out" on the table. No grilling you about what you do for a living or small talk. It is YOUR time and we respect that at Transcend.

Whether you need area-specific muscular healing or a relaxing way to de-stress and calm the spirit, you will never want this session to end


Choose from 3 levels of massage therapists based on experience level and specialty training.

Level 1 Therapists (New Talent)


Our level 1 therapists are licensed professionals vetted by our senior master therapists and have 1 to 3 years experience and training in Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques.

60 Minutes $79

90 minutes $109


Level 2 Therapists (Seasoned)

Our level 2 therapists are licensed professionals with 3 to 10 years experience in relaxation and pain relief techniques. Level 2 therapists have additional training and have begun adding specialties into their repertoire through taking additional continuing education classes.

60 Minutes $89

90 Minutes $129


Level 3 Therapists (Senior)

Our level 3 licensed professionals have 15+ years of experience and have worked with hundreds of clients. Our master level therapists may incorporate many different techniques into a blended session to alleviate chronic pain and provide maximum relaxation. Senior therapists are constantly taking continuing education classes to further refine their techniques.

60 Minutes $99

90 minutes $135

*Master level therapists may have limited availability. Please text or call if you do not see a time available 404-747-5753.






Fertility Massage

75 minutes  $119

Womb (uterine and abdominal area) massage consist of womb stimulation techniques using oils infused with decongestant herbs, essential oils, and Reiki, application of a bentonite clay pack and heat to pull out toxins and improve circulation, reflexology, and Reiki. The benefits of the womb stimulation include stress relief, assisting with shrinking of fibroids and cysts (on the external uterus or ovaries), increase blood and oxygen flow to the uterus, supporting proper uterine positioning, increase connection with your womb, increase fertility and many other benefits. 



Pre- and Perinatal Massage

60 minute massage  $99

Maternity techniques that support pregnant persons prenatally, during labor, and postpartum. Pre- and Perinatal Massage encourages relaxation and reduction of anxiety. Research shows that keeping stress to a minimum lowers a pregnant person's chances of gestational hypertension, prematurity, and low birth weight. Prenatally these massages also aid in comforting the body as the baby and uterus grow putting a strain on ligaments, joints, and muscles. At 40 weeks or beyond gestational period, additional acupressure techniques are used to encourage the start of labor. During the postpartum period (the time most mothers' self-care is neglected and all attention is on the newborn), massage techniques are used for abdominal recovery, support of healthy breastfeeding/nursing, and general relaxation.